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Hydraulic motor BK2

About product:

BK2 series brake is one kind of hydraulic wet disc brake. The brake force is caused by the spring, and hydraulic pressure the brake force.
Features as follows:
* BK2 series adopts the special friction disc and high strength spring design: long life endurance, low noise, high braking reliability.
* with 4 Drain port design , the brake can be used in different applications.
* compact structure, easy mounting.
*it can be used preferentially together with ALSG2, ALSG3 series hydraulic motor.
BK2 series hydraulic brake stays in braking condition since delivery out of the factory. During normal operation, there exists the braking
force in the brake disc, only if the pressure of hydraulic system, that the brake links , is lower than the pressure required by the release
of brake, the spring force shall keep the brake in braking condition. BK2 series hydraulic brake is widely used in heavy duty machinery,
such as engineering machinery, cranes, off-highway machinery vehicles, construction machinery, material handling machinery,
agricultural machinery, mining, sanitation machinery, timber industries. They are also used in winches and in hydrostatic drive
systems for automatization engines.
Special Note: such kind of brake Is only used In static parking brake. Dynamlc braking Is not recommended.


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